Arundel Cool

That’s what Arundel Cool is all about. Providing contemporary souvenirs and homewares from,about & around Arundel designed and produced by local crafts people, designers, artists and suppliers etc.

Our aim is to demonstrate the best that Sussex makers have to offer so that a bit of Arundel’s distinctive heritage can become a memorable part of your own history wherever you live.

Our Own Arundel Cool Souvenirs have all been designed in Arundel and made as much as possible locally in Sussex. At Arundel Cool we have taken care to represent key historical information within our contemporary designs. The Arundel Cool Crest, Arundel Skyline and the Mullet all feature prominently in our souvenirs as they all contain unique points of interest about the town. We are proud to say that purchasers of our souvenirs are often residents of Arundel for their family and friends as much as they are visitors alike.

Our Handmade Homewares and Original Prints have been selected as prime examples of what local craft makers and artists produce: they are not only beautiful and useful objects for the home, but also give a sense of being of and from “this part of the world”. Everything we sell in Arundel Cool is made by hand and as a consequence each lamp, pewter vase, porcelain bowl, tablecloth etc. has its own unique story to tell. Learn more about these and the talented people who make them via the links for Handmade Homewares and Original Prints. See our Press page for more on the makers.

Arundel History - Find out when the town was founded, how it got its name and other interesting facts. Learn more here.

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